Kippahs in Judaica Stores

Posted on July 21 2016

Jews around the world love the customs, traditions and culture associated with Judaism that are manifested through Judaica. While some are religious Jews who follow the traditions religiously, others are secular and simply love anything Jewish due to historic, family or other ties. There are plenty of Jewish customs and practices that Jews have practiced for thousands of years. They include the bar mitzvah and the kippa. Traditionally, kippahs are worn all day and all taken off only when sleeping or taking a shower.

Different types of kippas

There are various kinds of kippas available today. Regular kippahs come in all sizes and designs. You can find those designed, for instance, in the colors of the Israeli flag. These kinds of kippahs are popular with those who stand in solidarity with the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces. Some come with beautiful patterns and lovely embroidery while others are simpler in nature. Pic-A-Kippa’s designs utilize pictures in a completely unique way.

There are also unique custom kippas created for special events as well. For instance, a bar mitzvah kippah is specifically designed for attending a bar mitzvah event. The same is true for wedding kippas and others. They are usually custom made for a special occasion. Jews are fortunate they can now get custom kippahs by simply placing an order with a manufacturer or designer. Websites such as are well known for their incredibly unique kippas. Customers can search the website for the many stunning existing designs or place an order for a custom kippah of choice.

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