Israeli Defense Forces Kippah

Posted on July 13 2016

We all appreciate the sacrifices of IDF soldiers who spend sleepless nights defending the State of Israel against aggressors. Many of them are religious Jews wear kippas and who pray regularly. In fact, recent studies show that over a third of officers currently serving are religious. 

Military duty in Israel

Many soldiers serve in dangerous areas such as the Golan Heights, Gaza, West Bank and others. There are many constant risks, from sniper fire and rockets to terrorist infiltration and kidnappings. Army service is mandatory for both young men and women. Men serve 3 years and women 2 years. Military service is a point of great pride in Israel, with the IDF consistently being ranked as the institution with the highest trust ranking among the public. 

Support the IDF

Many people across Israel, America and around the world support the IDF. They appreciate the tremendously difficult work they do keeping the nation of Israel safe and promoting peace in the region. If you are Jewish or simply wish to support these brave men and women in uniform, then you can get your own IDF picture kippa here from our store. Additionally, we donate 10% of each kippa to The Lone Soldier Center, an incredible organization supporting Lone Soldiers in the IDF.

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