Our Story

Uri-HudiWe are two former IDF lone soldiers from Miami, who, after going to high school and college together, decided to take the leap and join the IDF. We proudly wore the elite red beret: Uri as a paratrooper and Yehuda in the special Maglan unit.

Our mission is to help Jews everywhere show and wear their Jewish pride, with our beautifully unique and completely customizable picture kippas.

We happily donate 10% of every kippa to The Lone Soldier Center in Israel, assisting young lone soldiers during difficult times. 

Thanks for checking us out. Drop us a note - we know every Jew has 3 opinions!

Uri Turk & Yehuda Moskowitz

uri@picakippa.com | yehuda@picakippa.com


Pic-A-Kippa is Patent Pending. Our patent covers all kippahs with a full size image on them.


Our custom kippahs are truly unique and are perfect as Bar Mitzvah yamakas or for any other event. We can customize kippahs and design them with any picture you like, such as the logo from the Bar Mitzvah onto the yamaka, or a picture of the Bar Mitzvah boy himself on the kippah, or a sports team, or even the family dog. We've created hundreds of custom yamakas, each one special and beautiful.