Bar Mitzvah Kippah

A bar mitzvah is a religious initiation ceremony held for Jewish boys who attain the age of 13. Participants in a bar mitzvah ceremony are considered ready to observe Jewish religious customs and participate in public worship. The term bar mitzvah literally means “son of the mitzvah” and implies that a person who is 13 years or older is no longer a child and should observe Jewish religious law and customs. This includes wearing a kippah or yamaka. A bar mitzvah kippah is a special kind of kippah designed specifically for bar mitzvah celebrations.

Importance of the bar mitzvah celebration

Any Jewish boy who turns 13 years old is expected to strictly observe Jewish religious order with or without a bar mitzvah. However, since this is such an important occasion, it is best celebrated together with family and friends. For many hundreds of years, this celebration has been held in synagogues where 13 year old boys are welcomed to the world of adulthood. During the initiation process, the boys are introduced to the responsibilities and opportunities that come with the new status. Regular worship at the synagogue will be expected including wearing a yamaka or kippah. 

Get a special bar mitzvah kippa 

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