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If you are Jewish or you identify with Jews, then you may show your pride and support by wearing a kippa. Kippahs come in different types. There are regularly designed ones, and custom kippahs for special occasions such as a bar mitzva or wedding. You can easily find a good online store to shop for Jewish kippas. Online stores such as ours is a great place to shop for all kinds of kippas. 

Bar mitzvah kippah

One of the most popular Jewish events for young people is the bar mitzvah. Bar mitzvas bring families and friends together and are festive occasions. The Bar mitzva boy traditionally reads from the Torah in front of the entire congregation. A custom Bar mitzva kippah is an ideal accessory for such a joyous occasion. 

Wedding kippahs 

In Jewish tradition, weddings are very important ceremonies sprinkled with lots of traditions and culture. For instance, the wedding is divided into two parts. There is the initial betrothal ceremony followed by the actual wedding in a synagogue. Wedding couples need at least two witnesses to sign official documents. Family members, friends, neighbors and loved ones all gather to celebrate this special event. Traditional Jewish music, food, dance and clothing feature prominently at these events. A wedding kippa is a great accessory to wear to the occasion. Not only will you identify with other guests but will also showcase your appreciation for Jewish culture and tradition. 

Safe and convenient online purchases

Pic-A-Kippa's kippot feature amazing designs such as images of the Israeli flag. Alternatively, customers can choose to buy a custom kippa. This is an easy, fast and convenient method of shopping without the hassle of traveling to the store. To buy kippot online, check out our store at for a variety of kippahs for all occasions.