Custom Kippah

A Kippah is a traditional and religious cap worn by Jews. The word Kippah is a Hebrew term that means skullcap. It is also known as a yarmulke. Jewish people in Israel and around the world wear the kippa with a lot of pride. This brimless cap is worn not just for customary and religious occasions but as symbol of national pride. If you need to get your own yarmulke, then you are at the right place. We design and produce high quality kippas for all kinds of occasions. We also custom design kippahs for our customers.

Do you have a religious event coming up? Then now is the best time to get yourself a new kippah. If you need a custom kippa such as bar mitzvah kippahs, then let us know and we will design one for you. We can guarantee you an excellent kippa that fits nicely and suits any occasion or event. Are you having a difficult time finding a good yamaka for an upcoming wedding or other Jewish religious or customary event? Then you should let us know because we can design and produce a custom kippa just for you. Check out and see how we can help.

Perhaps you just want an ordinary kippa for everyday wear. Simply take a look at out our website and see the variety we have in store. You will find plenty of yamakas for everyday wear and for traditional events. You will also find excellent ones for going to the synagogue. We trust you will love the wide variety of Jewish kippas we have on our site. You can also show support for Israeli soldiers and other members of the IDF. We donate 10% of each kippa to The Lone Soldier Center in honor of their great service to the Jewish nation. 

You can buy a kippah online and wear it proudly wherever you go. You can also get a custom one for special occasions such as bar mitzvahs and weddings. Once you purchase kippas on our site, we will ship them out so they get to you as soon as possible.