Wedding Kippah

Jewish weddings are colorful events full of rituals and customs passed down through generations. These weddings follow Jewish traditions and law and they involve families, relatives and friends. The ceremony is often held in a synagogue which is the Jewish place of worship. At the synagogue, the men wear the kippah or kippa. This is a traditional head gear usually worn by Jewish males. Grooms often spot a custom kippah while guests and family members spot wedding kippahs. Anyone can easily buy a kippah at regular and online stores.

Jewish wedding terminology

At every Jewish wedding, there are some common features. For instance, the marriage contract is known as the ketubah which is co-signed by two witnesses. The wedding ceremony is divided into two different stages. The sanctification or betrothal is the first stage and is known as the kiddushin. The marriage itself is referred to as nissuin. Interesting to note is that most men will be wearing a traditional Jewish brimless cap known as the yarmulke or the kippah. A kippah adorns the head of a Jewish male during prayers, when visiting the synagogue and during special occasions such as the bar mitzvah or a wedding. 

Beauty and joy of a traditional Jewish ceremony

The day of the wedding is considered to be the holiest and happiest day of a bride and groom. The groom is referred to as the chatan while the bride is known as the kallah. On this special day, all their past mistakes are forgotten and they begin a new life, merged into one, new and complete soul. The couple is expected to fast from early dawn until the end of the wedding ceremony. The white robe worn by the chatan during the ceremony is known as the kittel. 

Jewish customs and traditions

According to Jewish custom, the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other until the wedding day. This is supposed to heighten the excitement and passion when the couple finally weds. The bridegroom and his best man will look lovely in their traditional dresses, including the kittel and the kippa. Often time, grooms prefer custom kippahs which are designed according to their wishes. Jewish traditions are very strong and upheld by Jewish communities all around the world. The customs are passed down from generation to generation. If you intend to attend a Jewish ceremony and need a yarmulke or kippah, check out our website We have a wide range of custom kippas for all occasions.