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Israeli Flag at Sunrise Custom Kippah



Product Details

  • Your Kippah is made of raw silk, one of the most popular Kippa fabrics  
  • Your Yamaka comes with 2 clips 
  • Your Kippa is washable; it doesn't run or wrinkle
  • Medium size Kippah: 5.2 inches across
  • Large size Kippah: 5.7 inches across
  • These Kippahs can be designed custom so you can add your name, logo or inscription inside for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or wedding
  • 2nd Kippah is 50% off
  • 10% of each Kippah is donated to IDF Lone Soldiers
  • Contact us for discounts for bulk custom kippah orders - info@picakippa.com

The 'Israeli Flag at Sunrise Kippa' is a stunning image of the iconic Israeli flag with a beautiful light blue cloudy sky in the background. The flag is waving in the wind with the edge slightly cut off due to many years of proudly blowing in the wind. The Kippa is a timeless reminder of the eternal nature of the Jewish people - that no matter what, the flag will fly.