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Praying with Prayer Shawl Custom Kippah



Product Details

  • Your Kippa is made of raw silk, one of the most popular Kippa fabrics  
  • Your Kippah comes with 2 clips 
  • Your Kippa is washable; it doesn't run or wrinkle
  • Medium size Kippah: 5.2 inches across
  • Large size Kippah: 5.7 inches across
  • These Kippahs can be designed custom so you can add your name, logo or inscription inside for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or wedding
  • 2nd Kippah is 50% off
  • 10% of each Kippah is donated to IDF Lone Soldiers
  • Contact us for discounts for bulk orders - info@picakippa.com

Pic-A-Kippa's 'Praying with Prayer Shawl Kippa' is a stunning, emotional image of a Jew wrapped in tfillin (phylacteries) and tallit (prayer shawl) that succinctly personifies the way Jews have prayed throughout history.